Sunday, 9 September 2012

Goodbye, Good luck...

Its been a strange little weekend...

This weekend we said bye to my baby brother as he left to study computer programing at university. I am so so proud of him, and all though i hate to admit it, i will miss him lots!!!

This weekend i also had 2 nights of good luck at uni drinks, (8days till check in, 15 till i start lectures, arghhh...) & this is what happened..

Just a normal friday drinking sesh... =D

Love xx


  1. Love that it's still light in your drunk pic! Good luck at uni! If you ever have any questions let me know! I've been through it all!

    1. It was only 5:30pm lol...opps =D

      Thanks ill definitly keep you in mind xx

  2. Hi Chloe, thanks for your comment on my blog. Great that your brother got a good send off, good luck for when you start uni again - I don't envy all those deadlines!


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