Sunday, 16 September 2012

Black + White to Strange

11. Black + White: Shoot in black and white today.

Dex chasing his tail

12. Together: Snap a photo of something together, or something that belongs together

They never leave each others side.
13. Table: Take a photo of a table, or something on a table.
Normaly always full of goodies
14. Favourite: Take a photo of something that you adore!
15. First thing you see: What’s the first thing you see when you wake? Get to work? Or go somewhere? Snap it. Share it.
16. Strange: Shoot something strange/unusual in your day.
A very delish bison burger mmm..yum!


  1. I saw this genre blogfest on a friend's blog. I just signed up. I think the idea is 4 things, books, movies, music..guilty pleasure from those. I've never done one before and am sure to blow it, but it might be fun. The sign up is halfway down the page.

  2. Aw! i love your blog - your little kittens are gorgeous - i have a lil black cat and i just think they are the cutest :)
    loved reading your blog this afternoon!!
    Nic xxx (newest follower) x


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