Saturday, 29 September 2012


Been off blogging this month! I have either been tired or stressed, Student finance are a pain in the arse, Momas working loads, so i have to be a adult and cook food & i have had three weeks of antibiotics. Doesn't sound like a lot, but its taken it out of me. This growing up thing is so over rated, i want to be 10 again.

Great time to make this realisation as today is my 5 years anniversary!

This time 5 years ago i was in ICU getting ready to be shipped over to Sheffield.

This is the first year i feel like im me again. Im back on my "life path" touch wood im in good health, & im pretty content!!

So happy 5th birthday to my wheels!! & Thank you a million times over to all my family for being the most amazing support system! My friends for being there! & finally to all the amazing doctors, nurses & care folk, that have got me here!

Love you xxx


  1. Happy 5 years sweet lady! You have grown so much as a person and it's been amazing to watch! You are such a strong and beautiful person!


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