Wednesday, 12 September 2012

10 & a half weeks

My little kittens are 10 & half weeks now.

As we have 2 big cats as well, the kittens have been quarantined in my room, until they have their injections so they don't get poorly from all the outside germs.

But yesterday they where driving me crazzzzzzy! so mum had a lock down in the living room and let them free.

They were pretty terrified!!

They spent the afternoon playing chicken, running from my room to the table in the living room, back to my room.

Soooooooo cute



  1. hahaha! kittens are adorable! You just opened up an entirely new world for them by letting them out of your door. so funny. :)

    1. I know!! they are loving the freedom :) xx

  2. I left an award for you on my blog, Pajama Days in a Klonopin Haze, great work on the blog!


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