Friday, 3 August 2012

Sorry to complain but..

It has been one of those weeks this week, and im finding it hard to figure out how to put everything down.
It’s been a pretty stressful week. The company that provides me care are being pretty useless at the moment. It’s become a running joke in our family that it’s easier to get hold of the queen than anyone at the company. I literally have no idea who I contact anymore. My care manager was new to the company around 4/5mth ago, she visited me once & is now off sick, then the person that took over her clients is now off for a month. No one told us we had no one, we only found out when we called to make a complaint.
The person I email about Pa’s has left to have a baby, fair enough, but since then I have been sent emails by several different people. So when I have questions I don’t know who ask.
This is why we have been left in such a mess.
We weren’t told who would be coming during stephs break. 2 days before steph was due to leave still no word. Mum phoned, and after the company lied several times we were told someone from Hungary was coming. Now I have no issue with any persons race, religion, culture, I love living somewhere that is so diverse. But it can be incredibly difficult trying to ask someone to do things for you if they simply don’t understand what you’re saying. So we ask for people that speck good English. Something that the company don’t seem to understand. As my mum works full time and I need someone with me at all times, we had no choice but to say yes.

The next day we got a phone call, the girl could no longer come. So now what? Steph had offered to stay an extra day and now I feel like im being babysat.

We have been given the info for an Aussie girl, coming sat, but my poor mother is going to have to show her what to do. As she finishes her “training” Friday, I say training they don’t even teach the people how to dress someone. This means lots of waiting, probably arguments and a week of not actually being able to do anything.
I hope to God everything is sorted before uni.

& im just so thankful that I am home, with family close by. I hate to think what would of happened if I lived alone.
I do hate complaining about care, because I know how lucky I am to have the help.

& I don’t think this post really does express not just my frustrations but my families’ frustrations, and the frustrations of so many others.
I do understand that the fault doesn’t lie entirely with the care company. I get its hard to find carers, but by not communicating with someone, you just annoy them, & there’s no excuse! It takes 5 min to send an email. 30secs to send a text.

I will one day be a millionaire and I will one day solve this problem.


  1. I feel terrible. Really hope this gets sorted fast. Cannot believe how irresponsible the company are acting!

    1. Ps. Just to let you know I tagged you for the Liebster Award

  2. Thats completely awful and ridiculous. That's no way to treat anybody. The least you're entitled to is good communication with the company and personal assistants who know how to carry out basic care tasks. Sure, everyone is unique and has their own preferences or their own needs that mean the standard ways wont work for them, but thats the sort of thing you can surely discuss with the client, once you know the basics.

    I'd feel exactly the same hun, I hope there's some sort of improvement soon.


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