Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The start of My Spinal Story

I started this blog because I was really angry and frustrated with my college! I felt that they didn’t understand/care how life was for me now that I was in a chair.

At first I just needed to vent, but with the more and more views I got, I found that my blog was a place I could share my frustrations, experiences of my life in a wheelchair, but most importantly for me, a place to share my baking days, birthdays, trips & drunken nights to show yes, you will have down days, weeks, but there is a perfectly good life waiting for you after a injury, when you’re ready for it.

Im now 5years in, and although for the most part I’ve been happy and enjoying life, I haven’t completely fet like myself. It’s only now that I’ve had this year, when I’ve mostly been well and been able to just concentrate on me, as well as have a great care team, I finally feel that I have started to be myself again. Im not as anxious to do new things, or go places by myself (with a PA or friend and not my security blanket aka my mum) I now feel like a 21yr old and not stuck in the mindset of a 16yr old. I am most definitely in a good place.

Now im here, I think it’s probably about time I take you through my spinal story. I have mentioned my injury in a few posts, but I have never talked about it in detail.

& I think for people to understand why it’s taken me 5yrs to feel like me again, and to show how far I have come, mentally & physically. 'Cause I know in those early weeks/months of your injury, other people’s stories are just annoying, that’s them, not you, but eventually it does help.

& I hope that maybe my journey can help, either others understand, or those injured through their own journey.

Now it may take awhile as I don’t want to rush through, plus I want to continue my everyday posts.
So keep an eye out for the tag My Spinal Story.


Thankyou :)
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