Thursday, 12 July 2012

Chloe, on TV...

Cherry Healey's how to get a life - How prejudice are we.

LOVING this series!

Last night they talked about disability, and like the girl said everyone is different. So how i feel about a situation could be completely different.

I really did understand how she felt shopping. I used to love shopping, and i still do to an extent, but its so hard!
  • I cant use my electric chair as isles are to narrow, or theres a lip an electric chair cant get over.
  • Its impossible to try things on.
  • Theres no customer lift.
  • As your body has changed sooo much i get really down, clothes dont sit right. My mum dreads helping me dress. Its so important to me i dress well as it helps me feel "normal" Almost 5yrs on & im still trying to get used to my body.
I also agree with how much of a ball ache being in a chair is. Everything is such a effort! Its so hard to be motivated. Unlike the girl on the show i have very limited use of my upper body so i need a lot of help. I cant nip to Asda, i have to be dressed, then stretched, hoisted into my chair, pulled about until im sat right, have my hair done, taken to the car, clamped in, then of we go. Sometimes having to wait until the PA or my mum is back before i can even start.

I did find Cherrys awkwardness funny. I really dont mind people asking if i need a hand, i dont like if someone just grabs my chair, mostly because it just normally makes things harder.

I have had people talk to me like i have mental incapability's, which is immensely frustrating, but its not as much as i think i expect it. I have a preconception that others will judge me, which is wrong of me. People can walk on eggshells sometimes. They try not to offend me, and are very wary of asking questions. I really dont mind questions, how else do you get to know someone.

It did sadden me when she said she felt she had ruined her life.

I of course have days when i break down & think why me?! But i dont feel i have ruined my life, its taken a bit longer then i planned, but i finished college, im off to uni, i still want to get married, have babies.

I could debate this forever... but i hope my lil 2 cents has given you an insight to my thoughts/life.

Love xx

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