Friday, 20 July 2012

Back down memory lane: Prom 2007

My baby cousin finished primary school yesterday =[ he was so sad! I spent the day texting him, planning our week of fun! Cheer him up!

It took me back to my prom...

I was pretty upset, but not drastically as we were off to the same college.

Limos nah.. we arrived in style on a party bus, complete with a pole, champers & a dance floor

I miss my long hair...

Fake curls look like they were popular that year.

Although dressing up and being with friends was fun... The drunken before & after party was a lot more fun.

Love xx


  1. You look gorgeous. Love your long hair

    1. Thanks, =]! I always say im growing it back, but i get bored & cut it off x

  2. I've just had my prom, about a month ago, and this is making me want to go back! We arrived in a party bus too! Lovely photos and memories :) x


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