Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Only i...

Only i could go to the doctors and nearly need to be ne noored to the hospital.

As always i had a list as long as my arm. If i did go to the doctors for everything id be there every week. But i may have left it a tad to long this time considering i have 3 follow up appointments. Nothing bad, mostly checks.

I went to sort out my anxity mostly, im having a months trail on meds & i have been refered for cogtive behavour thearpy. Lets see.

But anyways back to the nearly dieing (slight exageration)

I felt a tad funny from the get go, which is odd, i normaly have a hour of normality before i feel a bit dodge.

When i was in talking to the doctor i could feel myself getting hot, and i could feel my whole body getting rashy.

When i was booking my follow up i just needed to get out.

By the time i got to the car my blood pressure was sky high, my head felt like it was going to explode.

All this on the one day i forgot my spray that quickly brings down my bp from dangerous levels.

Im not sure how we stopped it, but thank God it did, it was incredabily painful and scary.

I am all good now! I had a headace for a while, but lessons learnt.

Love xx

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