Saturday, 9 June 2012

Insta week

Was a short week this week, and its flown by.

It started with a Jubilee party in a field..

I have to say i have had a lot more fun in a field, the entertainment consisted of sheep sheering, a orchestra & 2 guys jumping of tables on bikes. Wasn't worthy my fabulous red white & blue outfit, or my mini melt down. If the village just let me join the events comity we would have the whole of the NW coming to play.

As the lovely folk at ocada emailed me a £20 voucher, i thought we would go all out for a Jubilee picnic, but due to the Great British weather we had a indoor buffet, and seriously those chipolata sausages are the best sausages EVER!! You should check it out, it can be a tad pricey, but they do do good deals.

It has been a odd week, a good PA and a great friend left me, and cause my other lovely PA and friend is still on holiday so we have someone brand new, and its a tad awkward, so i have spent the last few days just drinking tea and watching films.

Courtesy of my lovely ex PA, that had a bag of tea, coffee, cake & biscuits delivered to our house to say thanks.

A week of paperwork and bad weather ahead

Love xx


Thankyou :)
I tend to always comment back here, so pop back for a replay =D
Love & Kisses