Sunday, 17 June 2012

Epic fail

Believe it our not there are a few pros to being in a wheelchair, Pushing in line, Always having a seat and drinking to much is no big deal as you would get carried home anyway.

But there are a few more cons than pros.

The newest being transport.

I attempted to leave the house Friday, but the car wouldn't start. So we phoned the RAC & they charged the battery, then informed us that the battery was wrecked and would need replacing. So mum called the garage, i could take the car in Saturday, but i wouldn't get it back until Tuesday.

Not a problem for most, but 1. They dont have accessible courtesy cars, & 2. Its my friends 21st on Saturday.

Problem gets bigger, accessible taxis just dont exist were i live.

Theres the black cabs but the taxi drivers dont seem to realise the chair needs strapping down, I would risk it but cause i would only be with one other person with me its just not safe.

Two words, Epic fail


  1. Sorry to hear about your car! Hope you can find a way round it to go to your friend's birthday x

    1. No i spent the evenng in bed, a second partys been planned x


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