Thursday, 21 June 2012

Chloe, on TV....

I watch a lot of telly box but never really talk telly on my blog, which is odd as i LOVE a good documentary, and i am very opinionated and LOVE a good debate...

& theres been a lot of good talking telly at the moment, so i thought id share :)

First things first Let my dad die A short documentary about a man with locked in syndrome that wants the right to have someone kill him. I get asked about this subject a lot. I myself dont want to die, i never have, i do have down days but i love my life! But i would still like that choice. After a accident like mine you have so much control taken away from you all ready, that having a decision like this taken away from you, a decision that everyone else has, i just dont see how anyone can think thats fair.

I was slightly annoyed with what the guy from the disabled people for life, our what ever the organisation was. I think its unfair for him to think that people will think a life with disability is a worthless life if this law is passed. All he's doing is saying a life with disabilities a life without choice.

I also watched Cherry Healey: How to get a life, a new series on bbcthree thats discussing modern life. The first ep was single vs settled. I loved this show, firstly because i love Cherry, i've watched and loved all her shows, i love that she always gets such a mix of people and opinions.

It did just make me want a boyfriend. The single life is for some, and im a bit annoyed that the guy wasnt the manager of the hostel when i stayed there, his confidence made him very attractive. & leave the girl alone, shes happy, not hurting anyone so leave her alone. She was on This Morning today, and the comment, "you don't know if their a psycho" had  me screaming at the tv. you can be married to someone for 20 years and not know their a psycho.

Im very excited for the rest of the episodes

Did you catch anything good this week?


Thankyou :)
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