Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Anxiety update

Thought id give you a bit of an anxiety update, a proper post since most of my posts have been a tad photo heavy.

I have been meaning to do it for a few weeks but i've been so up and down that i wouldn't know what to write.

I have had a string of days when i have had no anxiety, then days like Monday.

Monday, a day that was supposed to be fun, started terribly!!

We were planning on going to a local Jubilee party in a field, unsure of the set up my mum drove down to check it out. She came back suggesting i use my electric wheelchair.

This just made me panic.

Instead of being normal and saying "im not comfortable enough in that chair yet to use it in a field" i got argumentative, upset & became very uncooperative.

I know that my fears are silly to others, so when i have them i feel very self conscious, so i try to mask how im feeling by crying.

I know im a weirdo, oh well...

But like i said i have had better days, trips in the car without having a mini panic attack.

I dont know if its because im making a conscious effort to beat, or at least maintain this, or if it depends what mood im in before i tackle something. Probably both.

I have a lot of changes this year, so im expecting more lows than highs.

Im still planning on seeing the doc, im just rubbish at keeping an appointment.

Quick big thank you to everyone for all your comments, tweets & emails after my last post, you have helped so much!!


  1. I'm glad to hear you're having good days, they'll get more and the bad days fewer :)
    Remember to keep smiling and everything will be okay!


  2. Finding out and admitting you have anxiety are two of the biggest steps. Finding your triggers is even better. That you are able to pinpoint, even after the fact, what set you off it a great sign that you will overcome this. The next hurdle is feeling one coming and stopping the mental storm that takes over. You will lick this :)


Thankyou :)
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