Monday, 7 May 2012

Photo a day: May

7. someone that inspires you
{could be someone in real life, someone well-known}

My mum inspires me every day.
No matter what life throws at her she finds a way to deal with it.
Her strength is unbelievable.

I wouldn't be half the person i am without her.
I love her lots xx


  1. Hello Chloe.

    That's lovely to say about your mum, I know what you mean xxx Thank goodness for mums! ^__^ They are always there when you need them most xx

    I read your story a while ago, I apologise I haven't commented yet but things have been mad this end ^^;

    Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I found your story truly inspiring, and wondered if you would like to become a regular feature on my blog when it's released? (Very soon! We're talking, maybe a week at most?) xxx

    Anyway keep updating, you truly are inspirational! See you soon, and take care!


    1. Ooo Thanks Emily i'd love to! If you email me so we can talk more :) xx


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