Sunday, 6 May 2012

Instagram #3

Its been a very strange week this week...

It started with a trip to see the Avengers in 3D with my mum. We love a comic book movie, and this was AMAZING!! Funny, sad & full of action, watch it!!

Wednesday 2 of my besties came, instead of eating our weight in chinese we ate our weight in junk. My mum just filled a bag full of sausage rolls, chicken bites, bread, pasta salad, crisps sweets and soooo much more.

This is whats left after 4 days of munching....

Thursday morning at 7am my mum came and said goodbye. In 2004/5 my mum had a boob job, a few months ago she found that she had had the pip implants, after a MRI she found that both implants had ruptured. Luckily, unlike many her surgeon had already agreed to replace all pip implants, and thursday was mums turn to get new boobs.

I was so nervous for her, and i felt really guilty that i couldn't be there for her, like she always is for me when im in hospital.

My friends stayed and helped distract me, we continued to eat and watched crap tv...

I was so glad once mum got home, shes still sore and only worn her dressing gown for 2days, which is completely allowed.

I already miss her cooking! The veester came Saturday, after 5mth in Canada she needed thawing out, so after 10 days in Spain not only do i have my friend back for good, she needed comfort food. As mum cant cook her bf made us meatballs and pasta, delicious but HOT! My mouth was on fire.
Might be eating chinese for a few weeks...

Cant say thats a bad thing just yet...

Going to finish off the bag of crap today whilst doing this

Enjoy your lie in tomorrow...

Love xx


  1. I saw the avengers last sunday it was amazing cannot wait for the next one! :D x


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