Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Back down memory lane: Paris 2005

One of the reasons i do this blog is its like my diary, my memories for when im old grey... So i've decided to add some of my memories from yester-years, so when im old & grey i have them, and to share my life before the blog with you.

My first takes us back to 2005 when i was in year 9, 14 years old... We went on a school trip to Paris. I did already have a great group of friends but this trip brought me together with some others and really cemented friendships. It was scary, immensely fun, embarrassing, and in ways life changing.

We went on a coach, and crossed the sea using the euro tunnel thing. We spent a lot of time on the bus as the driver got lost a lot. But its here we probably had the most fun. As the cool crew we obviously sat at the back of the bus, where we behaved as 14 yr olds do, Talking boys, eating junk, singing, playing truth or dare.

This trip that guy got me addicted to coffee and became not just a friend, but a best friend.

We started the trip with a trip to the Sacre Ceure Cathedral then had a bus tour around Paris. That evening we went to a dinner & a show, buffalo bills, best thing, we got cowboy a cowboy hats.

Awful picture...

We had a day in Paris, where we went on a boat trip down the river, had a trip around Paris, then up the tower we went.

I only made it to the first floor, just! I sat with a teacher and a few others like the cool dude i was.

We spent the next day at...

We fell in love with some French boys, meet the characters and i went on my first roller coaster.

I was then thoroughly embarrassed!

On the Rocket ride. I went to stand up to take a picture. As i stood up my jeans became attached to a hook, so as i went up, they came down, not only did i flash my friends, but the Spanish boys we were chatting up in the line!

It got worse as that night someone broke into my room and stole my CD-Walkman - yes no ipods then, my Cd's, bag and pennies. Was pretty scary!

I was later cheered up by the chicken seance.

In the hotel we had a set meal, uncooked chicken and chips turned up. It had a claw and a few feathers, so our hilarious friend buried him, then connected with his ghost, it was the funniest thing ever! But you probably had to be there!!

I will never forget that trip, its when i really became my own person.

My super cool trip hat!

Love xx


  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! New follower via email :-)

  2. How fun!! I love to do the same thing. I wrote one blog entry not long ago "dancing with myself, a mental road trip". Try to do this often. Write down all that wonderful stuff you want to hold on to. I'm 35+6 and still have such vivid memories, I write about a lot of it. xx


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