Thursday, 12 April 2012

The venga bus

New car, well van is amazing. All ready nick named the venga bus by my friend. Theres so much space, yet you don't feel exposed at all. I feel so much more secure, so im hoping its going to make me feel a lot less anxious whilst on the motorway. I am still going to see my doctor, as my anxiety is something i really want to get a check on before uni.

Love xx


  1. looks great! the van i drive is simular, i was amazed at how secure the straps feel, as i always 'take up the slack' quite a bit when doing up the ratchet thingys at the back, i always thought the person in the back would be wobbling all over the place but that dosent seem to happen at all! and of course i drive like a lady :)hope you have lots of adventures in her!

    1. The straps are brill! you dont wobble at all!

  2. Love the name Venga Bus! Classic! Looks like your cruisin' in style Pretty Lady!

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  3. I seriously love that it's called the venga bus! Made me literally laugh out loud
    Hope it does make you feel more secure. I have my fingers crossed for you

  4. That bus is pretty cool hun(: I'm your 100 follower! Your blog is amazing(:


  5. Well, the name Venga Bus is certainly easy to remember. I agree, it does seem very spacious! After looking at the third picture, I have reason to think that you can actually stand up straight in there and still not hit your head on the ceiling! That would be great for a ride along the countryside with your friends.


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