Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sunshine envy

Today is the 24th of April and i am sat on my bed in a jumper under a blanket. Its grey and wet outside and the temp on my phone is 6 degrees Celsius.

Dont get me wrong im a winter buff, i love dark cozy nights in front of the fire.

Wollie hats, scarfs and jumpers.

& as much as i love England looking at the gorgeous sunny pictures on the blogs of my American/Australian friends is making me slightly envious.

Instead of playing out, having bbq's, spending time in the garden. Im stuck inside freeeezing.

Lucky enough theres a lot of films out that i am dying to see, and since my mum wont be able to drive for a few weeks, i'll treat her to a movie marathon.

And plan in the hope we get some summer sun, i want to go to the zoo this year....

Love xx


Thankyou :)
I tend to always comment back here, so pop back for a replay =D
Love & Kisses