Sunday, 29 April 2012


It seems like everyone in the UK got sh*tfaced, every facebook status, tweet and text has been people complaining how hungover they are.
Me on the other hand has woke up feeling fine, tired but fine, my brother and his friends decided to be knobs this weekend and keep everyone awake 2 nights running! I hope you read this and be more respectable in future, i know all your secrets...*does a evil laugh!
I did like the whole of the UK go out last night, but as im on my 4th course of antibiotics this year i couldn't drink.
My uncle had organised a charity event for help the heroes and Macmillan cancer support. It was fun but the music wasn't really my era so i only knew like 5% of the songs.
The band mod... something (don't know their full name...oops) were really good.
I did leave early, i was freezing and being the only sober one except my PA was interesting. I did feel like a z-list celeb throughout the night. 2 years ago my uncle and his scooter club raised an amazing amount of money for me to get a wheelchair and build my extension, although i know a few of them i dont know everyone involved. So all night people were coming over saying hi, asking how i was, and i had no clue who they were.

Sooo while everyone feels sorry for themselves im going to see The Avengers... exciiiited!

Love xx

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