Monday, 16 April 2012

Sad face

I had such a fun weekend planned, but of course me being me im poorly! Even more annoying i have absolutely no idea whats wrong with me.

I felt a lil dizzy thursday night, woke up friday, every movement made me dizzy, almost like when you stand up to quick, my head and face just hurt, blinking made me want to cry.

Few phone calls later it was put down to a strained muscle. So for two days i led in a dark room and watched films or slept.

The pain and dizziness went away, but i still feel crap. Iv not eaten much, just feel sick, im either boiling or freezing, but iv no temperature.

I am a weirdo its official.

Hopefully i'll be better soon, party bus is calling..

Love xx

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Thankyou :)
I tend to always comment back here, so pop back for a replay =D
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