Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Brum brum..

Im getting a new car!

Im really rather excited.

Its nothing fancy. As i cant get out of my chair without a hoist, i need a car that i can just roll into, which does limit you a fair bit. Im not to bothered, for me as long as it doesn't look like a bus.

Hopefully new car means i'll be less afraid of the road, i wont feel like the cars going to topple over when we're going down a hill, or if the wind blows.

I did go for a little ride in the demo car, and i felt very safe.

Now all i have to do is beg, borrow and steal, and be poor for the year, and in around 3-5weeks i'll have new wheels!


  1. what kind of car are you getting? I've been taking someone out in a Peugeot thats been adapted, it's great lovely to drive too!

    1. I think its a nissan something, i'll take pics on arival =]


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