Friday, 30 March 2012


So i have read on a few blogs that im not the only person that suffers from anxiety, and i was just wondering how everyone deals with it.

I suffer from all different levels of anxiety, depending on the situation, like anyone, but its at its worse when im in a car on a motorway.

Every second i feel on the verge of a panic attack. At the moment i put my head in a pillow, listen to music and breath. Its worked well but im so scared of my anxiety turning into a phobia, which i cant let happen!

So what do i do?

Well im hoping that getting this new car will help, as it feels a lot safer.

Do i go on meds, i mean do they work?

Or is what im doing all i can do.

I refuse to let my anxiety stop me living my life, it already causes to many arguments, upset, frustration and compromising.

I dont know where all my anxiety's come from but im pretty determined to fight them!


  1. Have you talked to your family doctor? I suffer from depression and anxiety as well, and have managed it with my family doctor and medication as well as a psychiatrist and counsellor. Medication works for me, but I know isn't for everyone. Just don't be afraid to bring it up, I think it's really brave you're posting about it!

    1. Thanks, i've briefly mentioned it but i wasnt so bad then, im getting to a pointnow where i need to sort it or i'll never leave my house. Thanks :) x

  2. meds work for me. i would be a total agoraphobe if i didn't have them. but they also help with my headaches so it's a win-win :)

  3. I suffer badly from anxiety. Last summer I left the house twice by myself due to it. I felt nervous going to meet friends even though I had no reason for it.
    It is terrifying, but I went to my doctor told him everything and he referred me to a therapist. I found that therapy did nothing for me (if anything it made me more anxious and very pissed off) but I was put given tablets to take for when I'm going to embark in situations which I'd be anxious about. At first I found myself taking them everyday (literally), however now I barely take them and found that I'm in control of my anxiety. I just need to remember to breath and ask myself why I am nervous.
    I hope this helps in anyway as I know how worrying it is to feel anxious (that didn't come out right but you know what I mean).
    If you need to talk I'm always available.

    1. Yeah i had the same feeling about therapy!
      =D thanks for sharing xx

  4. im a bit the same, and just really putting up with it at the momemnt, ive had a therapy session, which again didnt help me and ive been put on two different types of meds without success. Im not thinking about giving hypno ago?! not sure if anyones tried it, just gets to the point where you thinkg you really shouldnt be putting up with it and letting it affect your life! Good luck to everyone xo

    1. I did think of hypno to, my bro had it for fear of flying but it seems to wear off



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