Monday, 6 February 2012

Super bowl!!

Last night i watched the superbowl for the first time, well i watched my first american football game full stop, and i LOVED it.

I had absolutly no idea what was going on, but i could not turn over!

By 2:30am UK time i was wide awake craving TGIFidays...

I've established im a New England Patriots are my team, and that Pierre-Paul is a machine!!

I am definatly having a superbowl party next time!!

& im now going to marry an american fb player, i've decided :)

Offers welcome, please email... hehe

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  1. I was for the Patriots too. :\ My son plays football, defensive lineman, also lacrosse. He's only 13 though, so you'd have to wait a long time. :D I was team mom for his team last year....loads of fun. They actually got to play a halftime scrimmage on Ford Field (Detroit MI) during a Detroit Lions/ Cincinnati Bengals pre-season game. The team got to meet some of the players. Very cool!!


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