Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I have blogged lots this month, but feel like i have loads more to share...

I had my M.O.T  at the spinal unit on Monday. Which went well, i seem to be a bit of a medical mystery. I explained how i keep going funny, & he had no clue why! He gave me a few things to try, but if they dont work i'll go back & see i guess.... Lets wait & see

I do love going back to the unit, see the staff, be somewhere, where your not the odd one out. But sometimes the staff do annoy me. Just because everyone is going/has gone through the same thing, doesn't mean you can shout my business down a corridor, its rude, and im pretty sure its illegal.

Whilst there i had a xray & ultrasound, which was fun. Why is it that when ever you have to get half naked or answer embarrassing questions do you get a REALLLLY good looking Doc or Nurse. I know they never judge its their job, they do it everyday, but when faced with someone lovely looking its hard not to get embarrassed.

It made a long day that little bit better :)

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