Monday, 27 February 2012

The emotions of me

As human beings there are moments, days when we are either happy or sad. But theres a few that tend to stick with you,

Heres mine.....

Grateful: Im immensely grateful for my life, being alive. Im grateful for my family & friends, they are my rock and without them i wouldn't be who i am.

Love: I have a great love for everyone in my life, if it wasn't for the i get from, and feel for my family and friends i don't think id have the strength that i have.

Anxiety: Since my accident i have become very anxious, i have to think of the worse case scenario in any situation. I always think something bads going to happen.

Fear: I think fear and anxiety come hand in hand. I am very fearful of getting hurt again, i couldn't do that hospital stint again.

Frustration: Im frustrated that i can't do thinks myself, that i can't explain things properly, that people don't understand that im not angry im just frustrated, that people dont listen, that people dont do as i ask, it is important that you do it that way.

Excited: Im looking forward to all the year has to offer.

Happy: Im happy with who i am, were im heading, the people around me make me happy and of course my shoes =D

What emotions best suit you??


  1. I suffer from terrible anxiety so that is a big part of me, but also excitement, and happiness.

    1. It's not a fun feeling, it can take over you a bit


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