Saturday, 18 February 2012

Don't post in anger

Tired is a understatement...

I had a lovely Friday night, Pub with the girls then hot fuzz in bed with a drink. Then i slipped into a cosy sleep. I don't always sleep well, so when i get a good sleep i thoroughly enjoy it. That is until i was woken up at 4:30am and kept up until 7:30am, by boys running through my house & talking, scratch that, shouting outside my door.

Not, impressed, but i will stop there.

I have written several posts in anger over the weeks, and didn't publish them, which on reflection was a great idea, because after reading what id wrote, one, they were full of mistakes, and two, by the time i had calmed down, i realised i wasn't even that mad, and everything i had written didn't count anymore.

So now i've decided, when im mad, i'll write it down, 'cause that really helps, then delete it, UNLESS you feel the same.

Then tell the world, cause then you will feel A-MAZE-ING. I know i did it with college last year.

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