Saturday, 7 January 2012


So i've decided that this year instead of making resolutions that will last a week, i've put together a to do list, and because this years a bit special as im turning 21, theres a couple of extra special tasks.

1.     Go to Paris
2.     Have an Alice in wonderland cocktails & cake tea party
3.     Go to Chelsea
4.     Go central LDN m&m world
5.     Go Harry potter world
6.     Go to uni
7.     Go Pics twice a month
8.     Cook/bake once a week
9.     Use my electric chair more
10.   Do my exercises
11.   Save
12.   Go to the theatre
13.   Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
14.   Get a new car
15.   Get some pretty fish
16.   See a median
17.   Draw
18.   Get 1000 twitter followers
19.   Get 500 blog followers
20.   Go watch football
21.   Make jam
22.   Do my family tree
23.   Have a street party in honour of the queen
24.   Go to the zoo
25.   Organise an event

Keep an eye out for #todoin2012 to see if i can do it.

Have you got a to do in 2012? If so leave a link


  1. That is such a fun list, Harry Potter world would be amazing, I would love to go to it! This is fab, i've been to the M&M world in Las Vegas and it's a bit mental, I had my name put on lots of m&m's.


  2. Awesome list! There are definitely a few things on your list I'd like to do too. I'll help you out with one of your items! Consider me a follower!! :)

  3. i love this list :)and come see a medium with me i love going and i know a really good one :)looking forward to your alice in wonderland tea party aswell :) xx

  4. oooo yeah deff! Sort it out xx

  5. Fingers crossed for all of your to dos! :D X


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