Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ellie's 21

Hi all, sorry its been a while i haven't been very well. I have yet again been on antibiotics, and they have just made me feel so ill. Yesterday was the first day i have been out this week. It was one of my best friends 21st last night, so no masterchef Friday until next week.

As much as i love Ellie i was still feeling crap so i was a bit unsure about going, but as usual when ever im with my girls i had a great time. I was even dragged up for karaoke. Literally just kidnapped, its a good job i love my friends.

Its a year of "milestone birthdays this year, Excited


  1. i think you enjoyed us kidnapping you really :)xxx

  2. Looking gorgeous! I'm impressed with your stamina- when I feel crappy I can hardly ever get a smile on my face. You make it look easy :)

  3. yay! i hope it was a BLAST.

    super lovely blog, girl!

    love, rach.

  4. You look beautiful in these photos, I love your glittery headband and your hair looks lush!
    Only just discovered your blog after you followed me on Twitter, but I'm a follower now and plan to spend the rest of the afternoon reading all your posts! It's so good!
    Love xxx

  5. Just recently came across your blog, thought I should tell you that you're so inspiring and really are amazing! You seem like such a lovely genuine person :) Love your blog, following xx


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