Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dentist drama

I went for my first filling yesterday, its been something that has been put off for 2 years. Why? well because i couldn't get into the dentist chair, and because just putting my head back for half a hour would be imposable.

Having my electric chair made getting my filling possible, because it tilts back and you can attach a head rest, so the chair does kinda look like a dentist chair.

Although possible it was still a challenge, some equipment wouldn't reach, and because i could only get into a small corner so it was a bit awkward trying to get at my teeth.

The filling went well, i didn't cry, needles in your mouth are a no no, but then i got a bit annoyed. Although i do like my dentist, and i think he is really nice he said. " if you need another filling, we'll just remove the tooth because its easier " it REALLY annoyed me & it felt like my toe all over again. Instead of dealing with the issue we'll just chop it off. No we can refer you here because its better adapted to your needs, they know more about your medical background.

Its easier for me to stay in bed and live of benefits my whole life, but no, im hoping to go uni, so i can get a better job.

Speaking of which i got a letter from UCLan to say thanks for applying, not an offer but its a start...

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