Monday, 9 January 2012

Death by chocolate

I tend to declare a lot, like a lot of people that im dying, admittedly i probably say it a lot more than most. I cough and i have pneumonia. Being in a chair did bring some extra medical issues that can be serious, mainly being AD (click on the tab to find out more) But another problem i face is choking. Im at no greater risk at choking than anyone else, but the whole stopping choking is a lot more difficult.

Last week i relaxing in bed munching on chocolate, when i don't even know how but i started to choke.

Terrified i tried to shout for help, obviously i couldn't get up and find it. After around 3 attempts to make noise i managed to squeeze out a mum, & then another. Thankfully my mum heard me and ran in. Even better my PA heard me, so seconds later she came running in to.

My mum tried to sit me upright, but because i cant support myself right well i kept flopping. Whilst trying to sit me forward she was trying to help me cough. My abdominal muscles really weak, so i find it hard to cough. Someone has to push down on my chest as im about to cough, so that it works.

So imagine the scene, theres my mother throwing me around the bed, patting my back, pushing my stomach. Im trying to breath, not panic and shout to the PA to get me a drink. & the PA's stood with a look of panic, pacing to an empty glass & trying to make out what im saying.

After a few big breaths and a few big coughs i cleared my airways, i then drank a gallon of water and spent the next 10min coughing, just to make  sure i could breath.

Absolutely terrifying at the time, but i spent the next hour laughing, i don't know if i was in shock or if the fact that what had happened could have come straight out a carry on film, was just funny.


  1. Oh my goodness how scary for you! I'm
    Glad you're ok!


  2. "death by chocolate" haha! I once choked on apple skin, its terrifying isnt it, but then it's quite funny afterwards! Im really moved by your blog, i think its really inspiring and you are so brave! It must have been terrible to have experienced what you did, i cant even imagine it! you seem a really nice person and you are gorgeous... I immediately followed, you're ace! <3

  3. It seems to me you suffer "lackochocoitis". It can cause sudden death if untreated. Sadly the only safe remedy would seem rather dangerous. The remedy is to consume NO LESS than 1 oz of chocolate daily. To cure yourself more quickly perhaps a quarter kilo per day should do the trick ;)


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