Friday, 9 December 2011

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

What a week, its been none stop, mostly fun stuff, but that doesn't mean its any less tiring. I cant wait till Sunday so i can lie in my bed all day.

I spent Mon, Tue & Wed shopping, as you do...

I was quite relaxed, apart from having to change at least once a day. I think my blood pressure may be low, i spend my days freezing cold, but sweating as if im sat in an oven, not a great feeling!

Thursday was fun, we decorated the main tree, i got very trigger happy and took 222 pics, alot of which were of  my knee or the ceiling, its really hard holding a camera when you cant balance. I ached so much once done, and i was knacked, i was tired before hand. I hadn't slept much that night. We had run out of pee bags Learn more here so i had to wake up every few hours to pee.

I did get some proper pictures though...


Whilst mum did all the hard work, i sat by the fire and told her what to do

I did just want to sleep today but my friends were visiting. So we spent the day party planning & gossipping, i was supposed to get my eyebrows waxed, but due to what can only be described as a blizzard they left early so they wouldn't get stuck.

Mums birthday tomorrow

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  1. Hello,

    Found you over at Twitter after you followed me. What a delightful and brave young lady you are!! I am so glad to meet and follow you!

    The Christmas tree is beautiful!!


  2. Oh Christmas tree,...Oh Christmas tree...yep I'm singing as I look at your beautiful tree and envious of the fire! Enjoy your weekend :D


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