Friday, 2 December 2011

Im back

Hi guys, i'm back! Well kinda...I don't have a full splint on any more so i can use the computer again, yay!

You guys have missed alot!

Guess where i went on Monday

That there is Rihanna!

I had been waiting since march for this concert. My mum bought me tickets for my birthday, and i have to say it was my favourite birthday present ever! It was my first concert since my accident, so i was pretty nervous. Well thats a bit of an understatement, i was that nervous i thought  i wasn't going to be able to go in (i really dont do heights) but as soon as the music started and RiRi hit that stage all my nerves went away and i danced, well wiggled in my chair, the night away, it was immense!

Thank you a million times over mummy! You are the best!

I cracked out my new red lipstick as it was a special occasion.

What you think??

The rest of the weeks been just as lovely :D

I'll fill you in tomorrow, my beds calling me.

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  1. You've been on Rihanna concert? Oh, I envy you.
    And you're so cute =). Red lipstick is great ;).


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