Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Time part 1

Hi everyone! How was everyone Christmas ?? Sorry for my absence but i have been having to much fun with my LOVELY family to find time.

My festivities started with a Christmas tea party with two of my best friends, brother and his gf.

We went for a 5yr olds birthday party theme with party rings and all. We then swapped gifts. I got a gorgeous shawl and a Alice & wonderland broach, a sundae glass with a long spoon & a mug with a jumper and hot chocolate. Not only great gifts but received early, which makes them even better. They had to leave soon after because the last two times they came they got snowed in at my house.

My family arrived crimbo eve. Whilst everyone got set up me and my cousin played on my new phone whilst we waited for Christmas soaps. I am now addicted to Angry birds, and i mean properly addicted.

Christmas morning came, and we all got up to open are prezzies. I got some great gifts. Loads of dvds, cds, clothes, chocolate. I got my annual mr men book, pjs and i got THE cosiest bed jacket.

We don't eat till 4/5pm so we snacked, watched a Christmas film, listened to Christmas songs, played games and waited for dinner....

The family drank far to much, ate to much & had lots of fun as your supposed to

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  1. It must be funny, spend this time with best friends and family. =)


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