Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This and That

I have been a tad rubbish this week..

I spent a lot of last week out and about so i dedicated my weekend to finishing a few things, which in the end i didn't actually do.

I did finish one!

My mum is rubbish with the net so she hasn't read any of my blog, so i found this site blurb, and i'm turning my blog into a book. Well kind of... I'm using the the programme to format everything and then i'm going to print it out and buy a pretty folder and put it in my mums stocking so sshhh... don't tell anyone =D

Another thing i was supposed to finish was my uni application. I'm not doing to well with it. I have chosen 5 courses at 4 unis and i have filled in all my details, it took a while to fill in about my needs and about my disability. But i'm yet to sort out my personal statement or look into student finance. I have until the 15th of Jan to get it done so watch this space.

I tried to start yesterday but i was rudely disturbed by paul & cash. I say rudely, i was the one that kept them waiting, and they did bring me a lovely new bed.

Its the same as my old bed, but a little higher. My old bed had broke, most probably from excess use, keep it clean... but we have a 10yr warranty so i got a lovely new bed.

Today i'm going to lie in it all day & hopefully get some work done.

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  1. that's an excellent idea for a pressie for you mum, I bet she'll love it!



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