Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Manchester Markets

Every year Manchester have a gorgeous open market. It is so pretty and you can get some lovely things, and if you love food you will love the markets. Its just filled with delicious food stalls. German hot dogs, which are amazing! Felafel's, kebabs, Goulash, Waffles, Crepes, French garlic bread. Then you can get mulled wine, hot choc, with something extra, beers and really tasty fruit juices.

Baileys Hot Chocolate

My new earmuffs

My new fairy lights

Incredibly yummy Baklava...Love that stuff

Its really easy to find, just look for the giant santa! It is a bit bumpy as its set up on cobbles, yet i wasn't sore at all once home. After a bumpy trip i normally can't wait to get into bed, my shoulders kill from me holding on for dear life. But once home i was fine.

Today is a bed day as i have several nurse visits, but if mums feeling better Thursdays a big shopping day. If shes still poorly its a little shopping trip and TV with mum


  1. I'm a brand new follower from Gentri Lee. :) Can't wait to continue to read up on your journey.

    Have a great day!

  2. new to your blog (found you via gentri!) and i love it! :)
    you have a great eye for photography!!! :)

    xx ashley


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