Saturday, 12 November 2011

Come Dine With Chloe & Sarah...again

A few weeks ago me and my cousin started a weekly cooking club.

I have been really bad at documenting our delights, but it is a tad difficult cooking and looking after a gorgeous but tired teething baby and remembering to take pics, but my mum was here this week so she was our photographer.

We made mince pies, homemade pizzas & mozzarella parcels... It was so good! & im immensely impressed with the mince pies.

Mine is the pizza parcel, i had it for 2 teas, it was to big to eat in one day. It was stuffed with meatballs, bacon, pepperoni, chrizo, peppers mushrooms & olives mmmm.

Mums was the last pic, goats cheese, parama ham and rocket.

We used the Jaimie Oliver mini muffin tin for the mince pies, i love them so much! Thinking of doing mini apple pies next week!

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