Thursday, 3 November 2011

Chair day out

So now that Halloweens done, sounds like everyone had fun, its chhhhristmmmmas!

I'm to excited, i love it more & more every year!

Me & mum went to the trafford centre in my only second outing in my electric chair. I have used it alot around the house, but the places i have been to haven't been accessible enough for an electric chair, so i've been using my manual whilst out.

It was a great day with mum, it was the first time we had done anything just the two of us in ages! It was scary though. I was very conscious about running people over, i was run over by a power chair before my accident, and it bloody hurts. I am also terrified of heights, so when i was on the top floor i was sticking to the walls, and if something or someone was in my way i'd just stop until they moved.

It was pretty tiring to, my arm was killing! by the time i got home i needed a massage. You wouldn't think you did anything in an electric chair, but holding your arm out for agggggeeeees, especially when your shoulders a bit tight, gets really painful.

I also surprised myself on my trip out, i was worried about feeling self conscious in my chair when i got it, but i felt fine! I didn't once feel uncomfortable, or like i was being "starred" at. Which like i said surprised me, but i'm glad, it gave me a confidence boost.

I'm looking forward o more outings, just where to hmm...


  1. WHooHoo!!! Freedom and Shopping! sounds perfect :)

  2. Glad your outing went well!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out and about. Thanks for sharing.


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