Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday yawn!

Sunday yawn!

Today i am supposed to do my weekly round up, but i really can't be bothered as one, im to tired and two, theres no good film, tv programme, story or song to talk about this week. Next week will be different as nearly all my fav programmes start!

I have had a pretty great weekend. We did what all normal britts do when ever theres sun and had a bbq, which was de-licious. I also learnt to appreciate 'drunken mum' i found her walking round my room like a zombie really funny!

I wish i had had a video recorder...

I'm way tired to write anymore, i haven't been sleeping much as i have been on constant spider watch. There the size of a face here atm & after finding one on my bed, sleep hasn't been part of my plan.

Enjoy your sunday


  1. It's a common theme this sunday, sleepiness that is. I just want to stay in bed all day and watch tv shows...:]

  2. Oooh, I hate spiders ...

  3. WHAT?! Why are there spiders that large in the UK?! I wouldn't sleep either. Or I would completely take my room apart and clean everything before sleeping... not kidding. If even a fly buzzes into my room I will not sleep until it's either flown out of my room or dead. the choice is the fly's. I try to help it but they're not that smart. haha! Ok, sorry for the crazy comment.


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