Saturday, 8 October 2011

Spectacle Pics

So i didn't quite get the good nights sleep i was after but im feeling so much better, family time today really helped. That and me and my mum laughing at me doing my make up, i will have to try & get some pics, kt can get rather comical.

Just a quick post to show off yesterdays spectacle pics, i don't think there my style =D

Harry potter or Deidre barlow hmm....


  1. Lol :D whenever I get new glasses I have to try on some that won't suit - simply for the fun of it :D

  2. :D:D First glasses are really crazy :D.

  3. You know what, I kinda like the second ones! But then I am a fan of giant glasses...

  4. they would look smart on the right person, i don't got the swag for them hehe xx

  5. The second ones look absolutely lovely on you!


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