Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Must see TV

There is a billion things starting on TV this week and next. I take my TV schedule VERY seriously and im the first to admit i watch way to much TV, but since im a crap sleeper i need something to watch in the wee hours of the night.

Heres some of my must see's...

Friday 9pm - The funniest thing EVER!

Saturday 9pm Sky Atlantic - Season 2 - Brilliant gangster series, great cast, shot beautifully

Friday 9pm Sky Living - s.7 - I can not wait for this, my fav crime drama ever!

Tuesday 10pm Sky Atlantic - s.2 - Amazing cast, great stories, great police drama

Monday 10pm BBC 2 HILARIOUS

There are a few new shows Terra nova sky 1 Mon 8pm, The Secret code Sky Living Tue 10pm, Ringer Sky Living 8pm Thu, but i haven't seen them yet so i dont know how good they are yet, but there sky+'ed


  1. I don't own a TV, but I watch a lot of Netflix.. Currently watching The Wonder Years.. Have you heard of it? It's pretty fantastic!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. Im lost without tv! I have a lil bit, i will check it out, always looking for something new :D Btw it wont let me comment on ur blog :(

  3. Hi Chloe :)
    Just want to say your blog is beautiful and I'm kind of awed by your story- you are really an inspiration to me and clicking through to your blog kinda made my day (2am here right now!).

    I'm kind of really curious to watch terra nova!

    anyway, new follower! can't wait to go through your blog when I have the time :)

    annie, WEMAKEPLANS

  4. Thanks annie! I really needed that loveliness today :D

  5. Hey we watch a few of the same shows! Criminal Minds, Terra Nova, Blue Bloods...I also like House, most of the CSI's and Hawaii 5-0. Also others...a few good shows never hurt anyone :)


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