Friday, 7 October 2011

Its just been one of those days.

The short lived indian summer has most defiantly left england, it is freeeeezing! I was then forced to leave the house to get my eyes tested, and i can report i have perfect vision & healthy eyes.... (pics tomorrow there on my bros phone.)

I have been in and out of a proper irritable mood today, which is putting me in a bad mood, i really don't know why! which is annoying me! I feel abit lonely to, which is probably why i feel the need to blog, and weird since i'v spent all week with friends and family.

Nothing bad has happened, its just because i have been in a bad mood, that its felt like everyones been  at me. Which is not the case, all they've done is ask me questions.

This spell of insomnia probably hasn't helped, and i know after sleep, a family lunch tomorrow and watching something funny i will be fine.

Its just been one of those days.


  1. I'm sorry Chloe. I hope you feel better soon! It's cold here too (like it snowed cold), so I know how you feel in that aspect. :P

  2. Thankyou! i am watching funny stuff & drinking coco, which is making me smile!

    Snow, Ouch!


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