Friday, 14 October 2011

Done! Done Done?

Day 3 in chloe's big bed and i just can't cope!


It's not to bad, apart from the crap i'v been eating. Because i have to eat around these antibiotics im eating to much stodge, green ain't very appealing right now.

It has been a nice day today, my nan, grandad and lil cousin summer came to visit, bearing gifts of dvd's, so i have lots of entertainment for the week.

I got some very very lovely clothes in the post from my shopping splurge on monday. I can't wait to whack my woollies on, i'll post when i have a full delivery. I spent far to much but Internet shopping makes spending far to easy! and as much as i love going out to shop, its just not practical so much.

I also started my uni application, writing my personal statement is going to kill me...

I have also caught up on blog reading and im loving the autumn to do list's. Feeling inspired here is mine...

  1. Make something with squash or pumpkin
  2. Watch hocus pocus and lots of scary films.
  3. Buy a new woolie hat.
  4. Eat food in season.
  5. Write my xmas list.
  6. Apply to uni, properly.
  7. Spend the day in front of the fire.
  8. Bonfire BBQ.
  9. Make bonfire toffee.
  10. Spend time with vee before she leaves for canada.
Cant wait..


  1. It's great, that you feel better =).

  2. Keep up the focus on the positives. :) And there is a GREAT chocolate-chip pumpkin cookie recipe here:

  3. Hello! I found your blog through Gentri and am looking forward to following you xx

  4. This list sounds positively lovely. I made my own fall list a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I haven't been the best at checking things off of it, but there's still plenty of fall left!

  5. Thanks for the recipie looks delish!
    I haven't started just yet, but i aim to from monday =]


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