Monday, 12 September 2011

Weekend fun

What a lovely weekend, full of food, slight panic attacks and diy.

I had a very full fun Friday, I spent the whole day in my chair, and i've found a new pro to the electric chair, using my camera is so much easier. I think my pets were really fed up with me by the end of the day 'cause i just kept following them around.

This took awhile to achieve, keeping the camera on the same level, i just kept saying to myself, don't spasm.

Later that day my mum made a Chinese feast!

We had chicken & veg spring rolls, Hot & sour beef & Chili chicken noodles. It was that good we had eaten everything before we took pictures. We got the recipes from Chinese Food Made Easy by Ching-He Huang, its a great buy, with some amazing recipes.

Sunday i decided to be brave and venture out in my chair and since i need shelves B&Q would be the destination. I found getting in the car fine, but getting out, hmm not so fine. I would edge out a touch then stop and panic and refuse to move, so mum had to guide me out. It's terrifying! Going down a ramp backwards, not being able to see behind you. Its going to take a lot of getting used to.

Once inside i almost killed an old lady, and knocked down a few displays, i then nearlly destroyed a car on the way out. I've decided on no booze until i can drive.
I didn't get into bed until 10 hence no weekly round up, which i'll do tomorrow, as i was being a good child and spent the night with the fam, instead off being  in my room on my computer all day.

Hope you all had fun this weekend!

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  1. great news about the outing I'm really happy for you! :)


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