Sunday, 4 September 2011

Pretty Nails

My very lovely friend came to keep me company on Saturday.

Mummy dearest had gone to a lodge in the lakes for the weekend with her fella.

I hadn't seen Ellie for agggeeees & i was desperate for my nails doing. She has a gentle touch, and because of nerve pain in my fingers, she's the only one allowed to file my nails, unless im scratching myself, then i have to let mum do it.

So after a facial and i Chinese i finally had my manicure, but because it had been so long i couldn't decide on what colour, so i went with:

1. Pale blue
2. Spring green
3. 134
4. Coral
5. Pink flamingo

I then had that topped with White Barry M Crackle paint.

I'm loving the crackle polish, i have a lovely black polish that i want to top with gold crackle.


  1. wow, those nails look awesome. I work at boots and I have been seeing these crackle-nail varnishes for a while. I had serious doubts about weather or not they work - but this looks great! might have to buy myself some! I just want to say that you're blogs really inspiring. I'm not sure how i stumbled upon it, but I'm following you now. Keep up the spirit and the good writing :) x

  2. Wow, nails are great! I love these colours =).


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