Thursday, 8 September 2011

New Chair

So a week ago i got my new wheelchair and i know i said i'd post pictures but they are awful quality.

I had some that were better quality but im crying in the pictures.

Due to my mum being away and the fact my chair wasn't properly adjusted, i didn't actually get in to my new chair until Tuesday.

It took a little while to get the arms to the right height, get the foot plates sorted and other little things. Then my mum stood back and asked me what i thought. 

I tried to say 'its good, it will take some getting used to" but instead i just started to cry. It was such an overwhelming rush of emotion.

It's not that i hated it, our was upset, it was that being in a electric wheelchair just makes me realise that i am actually disabled.

I mean of course i know im disabled, but being in a normal chair (i get told off buy the wc community for saying that, but thats just my opinion) i don't feel like i stand out as that disabled girl, it's really odd thought i know and i get that i sound like i'm in denial, i'm not, i swear. It's because of what i think other people are thinking and seeing.

But i know i have to get used to being in an electric chair before i get to uni next year.

It only took me about 10 min to feel normal in my chair, once i had stopped crying, but i was indoors, lets see how i feel on an outing. But you can't really see much of the chair once im in it, so after an outing i'll hopefully realise i am just being silly, and no ones staring or judging.


  1. Don't crying please. I was reading your blog every day a I love this place. But I'm so sad, when I'm reading texts like this. New wheelchair is good thing (I think). So, enjoy it =). Sorry for my horrible english, I'm from the Czech Republic and my english isn't very good.

  2. Thanks Rony, im glad you enjoyed my blog :) it is good its just because its something new

  3. hi Chloe. I follow you on twitter. great way to sum up a major dilemma for many of us. I am in the same boat and also have the same opinions. for what it's worth I think the chair looks as good as you will get in terms of power chairs. Black or dark colours are best for looking a bit more understated particularly when you are out in the evenings. you'll also find that when you're body and posture get used to the chair that you will find it more comfortable and therefore look more comfortable in the chair. will you use the new chair at home as well or will you be able to use your old manual chair indoors? I would recommend that as well because I think changing chairs for me works quite well in reducing aches and pains.
    Take care and enjoy your new freedom and independence.

  4. Thnx forthe comment jon, its good to here im not the only one! Yea i had to wait longer for the black, i wasn't digging the bright red. I'll deff be switching it up mainly because theres no acsses into some of my hotspots via an electric chair because theres a biggish step. Give me a tweet so i know who u are :)

  5. I hope you get used to is soon and when you arrive at university, you're fit and kicking to take everything that comes your way - hats off to your courage and best wishes sent your way!

  6. Hi Chloe, I love that name, it reminds me of peace and beauty. I am a CNA in Tennessee, USA and I sit with a quad. I kinda know some of the crap you have to deal with because I have been in healthcare for 8.5 years. I love that you have decided to share your life with so many, I will be following you. I am getting a lap top for Christmas so it will be more constant then. I get on when I am at my patient's house. I love the chair, Mike, my pt, wants one so he can stand up some. His insurance won't pay for one like that. Keep smiling, you are beautiful, and keep blogging.


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