Monday, 15 August 2011

Physio & A New Chair

So I'm very away i have been a tad slack last week, but every time i settled down to write something i would fall asleep, Its been one of those none stop weeks.

But the biggest reason i couldn't blog was my bed broke =( The motor broke so i couldn't sit up for 3 days, which meant i couldn't really use my computer. It was an uncomfortable few days, i had to either lie down or sit up for hours in my chair.

But it has been a good week still.

I have started physio. It's only once a week, but i have some exercises to do at home, which are slightly imposable to do at home atm. My beds to soft so instead of siting i just sank. So I'm rocking as much as i can in my chair to emulate the exercises. Hopefully I'll be siting straighter in my chair in 6 weeks.

I also had another visit from Eric the wheelchair man, and i have brought a new chair! Its a small electric chair and should hopefully be here in about 3 weeks. I could have brought it straight away but it was in red, and being the fussy person i am i couldn't be having a red chair clashing with my outfits. So iv ordered it in black or silver. I'm pretty excited, pics to follow later.

I haven't watched hardly any TV and i havent watched any films hence no weekly round up this week, and all though i have another busy week of  exam results, hospital visits and friends, I have a fixed bed now so getting back to blogging will be very easy.

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