Thursday, 4 August 2011

A new chair

So i have come to the realisation that i may have to get a proper electric wheel chair.

Since coming out of the hospital i've had a manual wheelchair which i can't push myself so i have to be pushed everywhere. Which i really don't mind, because truth be told im quite vain and i guess being in a manual chair makes me feel less disabled. Sounds weird i know, and the electric chair i do have i HATE, it makes me feel like robocop. Would be perfect for some but pointless to me. But if im going to uni, independently getting around would make life so much easier.

So i've been looking at turning my chair into an electric chair, which i found i can't do because theres no frame under my chair were the electronics can rest or something. So Eric the wheelchair man came yesterday with a new chair for me to try. I hate trying new chairs its scary, yesterday was especially, instead of being sat in the chair i felt like i was sat on top of it, there was no support. Eric the wheelchair man said this wasn't a problem as adjusting the chair and stuff is easy. The problem is the width, the electric wheels are massive and add an extra 2inch to your chair, which would make getting in and out the house almost impossible, defeating the point of having a powered chair.

Sounds complicated i know, and it is, choosing a new chair is not a decision to be taken lightly, its as important as buying a house, you spend everyday in your chair, you need to be comfortable.

So since the transformation may not work i'm coming to terms with the fact i may need to get actual powered chair. I have requested tiny ones, so we'll see.

Im excited and apprehensive and skint

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