Monday, 8 August 2011

Music Monday

Since i've just spent £50 on music i think its a good idea to dedicate Mondays to music.

I LOVE music. I love how it can just alter your mood, how that first cord, beat or note can take you back to a place, a memory. I love how it can unite people in a way that the "barriers" of race, religion, language or culture are blown apart. I love how it can inspire people to do good and be better. How a single lyric can say what a whole book couldn't. I love that its been a part of every birthday, wedding, funeral, breakup, days out, nights in, through every up and down! Which is why its a part of me.

I love all kinds of music but i think my absolute favourite has to be r&b and hip hop, It started when my brother played me kanye west through the wire, and from then i was hooked. I was the only person that liked hip hop and r&b in my group of friends, and i would forever be trying to turn them, but i wasn't very successful. I always saved to buy albums and go to concerts, fortunately my friends were kind enough to come. I remember seeing jay z and my friend saying 'i know none of these songs'

I'm also a big lover of Motown. I think partly because it has so much history, Motown really did break down barriers, and partly because you can feel the passion in the music.

With all that said i'm going to introduce you to Ed Sheeran.

He is a 20 year old singer song writer from Yorkshire whos music is a mix of acoustic pop, hip hop and folk. His album is out in September '11 but theres some amazing tracks out on youtube and itunes.

I'm love with this song, i heard it ages ago but didn't know who it was then i found it on youtube.

the video is brilliant to

The No.5 collaborations ep is amazing and if your not into hip hop the songs i wrote with amy offer some beautiful soulful tracks.

I urge you to check him out!


  1. This is literally my favourite post ever! I love Ed Sheeran - have been listening to him for a few years now but am so glad that he's breaking in to the mainstream! :D

  2. Is'nt he just incredible!


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