Thursday, 18 August 2011

Got my worry hat on

Still no sign off Toby :( I really miss him and im losing hope, its so frustrating that i cant go out and look for him.

Its become a stress full week, my kittens missing, exam results and the mammoth decision i have to make regarding surgery, my heads a mess.

I went for my check up yesterday at my spinal unit. All is good but he offered me surgery that i really need to think about. He basically wants to move some of my stronger muscles in my arms to my triceps and hand to give me more use in my arms and hands. It sounds like it would be an easy decision, why wouldn't i want more movement. But its a lot of surgery, time in casts, physio, muscle retrain and scars, for what movement i don't know. So i have to do some research.

As for results i missed picking them up, so another sleepless night waiting for the post.

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