Thursday, 25 August 2011

Doctor Doctor

I thoroughly enjoyed my lie in this morning, I've been up before 8am every morning since last Tuesday, which is probably normal for most people, but 1. Im the worst sleeper, i take forever to get to sleep and i wake up like every hour, and 2. Im on my lazy gap year, getting up before this morning is a crime.

Doctors today, i have a long list. I hate going to the doctors its just a lot of hassle, so i tend to save all my illnesses and pains until i have to go to the doc's, even then its normally because im told to. I just don't see the point, all though my local doctors are amazing, having a spinal injury is pretty complicated, and at the end of the day i know my body and injury best, so i tend to diagnose my self, and i have been right 99% of the time. I have gotten that good i can predicted when things are wrong. After a tube change i knew something was wrong,when it was time to come out it was stuck! 36hrs, 2 big pins and a laser later i was home.

I so should be a doctor, or a psychic, oh or even a psychic doctor....

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